Creative Social Presents NO. To ‘NO’ or not to ‘NO’ that is the question. The Socials philosophise this perplexing and at times controversial dilemma. Through a cacophony of swearing and impassioned furore we will remind ourselves and anyone who wants to listen about all the things that turn us on and off, in the work place. About ego, psychology, storytelling, walking and breathing.

Is It Worth A Fight?

Yes, because ‘No’ is for cowards. Fierce optimism is a powerful force for creativity, change, and even revolution. We’ll take a breakneck tour through work and ideas that prove that an authentic and enthusiastic “YES” is always more powerful, interesting (and takes more nerve) than a lame-ass “No”. But is ‘yes’ always the best option?

Let’s flip the coin and take a look at work that makes you think ‘how the bloody hell did they sell that in?’ The weird, the daring and the downright off-brief. How do you wrestle a client from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ and is it always the right thing to do?

Who Really Knows?

For all is but a woven web of guesses. Most of the great revolutions in advertising have turned on theories of breathtaking audacity not only in respect of creative imagination but in their depth of the insight involved. What we call our knowledge is in its nature provisional, so stop thinking you have figured it out, you don’t know nuffink. And nuffink may be the way forward, or so we investigate in, ‘ON? NO! In praise of nothing, an exploratory jump into turning it all off.

And Finally, The Future Says NO. (All by itself)

Nike FuelBand ate my homework & other excuses from the future. In the future you will no longer have to say NO. It will be said for you. Although, perhaps the choice will no longer be yours…….


  • Flo Heiss, Executive Creative Director, Dare
  • Sam Ball, Creative Partner, Lean Mean Fighting Machine
  • Steve Price, Creative Director, Plan-B Studio
  • Laura Jordan Bambatch, Creative Director, Dare
  • Becky Power, Executive Creative Director, Grand Union
  • Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner & Innovation Director, Work Club

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Please note: This event is for agency folk and students only