Brand Social – a new network for progressive and curious senior marketers

Today is quite a sensational day for Creative Social. Just over 11 years after we ran our first event in Amsterdam for Creative Leaders in the digital industry, I am absolutely delighted to announce that we are launching Brand Social in the city where it all began.

Our first ever Creative Social

Brand Social kicks off at 4pm today and despite the numerous travel bans that seem to kick in at this time of year, we have an amazing line-up (check out who is coming here). Our belief is that by providing the perfect environment for idea exchange between senior marketers, start-ups, influencers and creatives, we can make significant/major things happen. We have already achieved some great things with brands such as Absolut, Converse and Sonos; we believe that this momentum is going to allow us to do even more.

Our first brand project with Converse

And while we are starting with a single event, our aim is to ultimately build a network of the most progressive and curious senior marketers in the world – a group of people who are ultimately going to shape the brand landscape in this age of creativity. We are already planning our next event in London in May. If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact me on twitter (@yellif) or on Linked In (Daniele Fiandaca). In the meantime, do follow @creativesocial on twitter and follow #brandsocial for updates from the event.

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