Best Film of the Last Decade

Over the last 10 years we have had the privilege of having some brilliant filmmakers speak to us as Creative Social – from Brad Bird at Pixar, to Lord Puttnam (Producer of Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone and Midnight Express), Andrucha Waddington (Director of The House of Sound) and most recently Cornel Porumboiu in CS Bucharest. They have all spoken to us with a real passion around storytelling and how they have aimed to immerse their audience in the story. It is the reason that watching great films is one of my favourite things as it is really unparalleled in being able to instantly take you away to some distant place, in some cases being able to effortlessly take you through a range of emotions, from laughter to tears in the space of a couple of scenes. Film is also an amazing inspiration for creativity and is why I think more Creative Director’s should be encouraging their creatives to go and pop down the cinema at lunchtime and watch how a relentless focus on breaking new boundaries in special effects transports you into Gravity or how someone like Christopher Nolan has proved that intelligent filmmaking can be big business.

But what films inspire ECDs and Creative Directors. Well we asked 10 of our Socials which films have inspired them the most in the last decade and here is their very eclectic response:

Personally I would have to put Inception in there as my favourite. What would be yours?


The Artist

“I cry at films a lot. This one made me shed – not bad for a silent, black and white number. I was up in the sky at the time which is usually my lowest ebb for emotional rollercoaster riding.”

George Prest, ECD, R/GA London


Man on Wire

“Beautiful. Inspiring. Unrepeatable. Wonderful. Magic. A triumph of someone that doesn’t take no for an answer.”

Flo Heiss, Creative Director, DARE


Under the Skin

“Because I feel smarter for saying it. But I did enjoy it, especially the bit where, actually I won’t spoil it.”

Dave Bedwood, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi


Pan’s Labyrinth

“Del Toro delivers a dark gothic fairytale which is both visually stunning and deeply haunting, with plenty of blood and gore. This is quite simply a masterpiece. And I absolutely loved it.”

Daniele Fiandaca, Founder, Mutant


The Usual Suspects

“It was pioneering in the way it structured the story and left you guessing and spawned a raft of theories. If you were going to sit down and plan an interactive story now and were looking for things to reference this film would a good place to start.”

Pete Petrella, Founding Partner, Black Books London


Dead Mans Shoes

“It reminds of home, proper Cheltenham.”

Tom Evans, Founder, Bleepbleeps


The Gathering

“Patricia is one of my favourite contemporary artists. It’s a (very) short film, where mundane, Australian suburbia intersects with another layer that’s just a bit off kilter. The tension and the sense of menace is even stronger for the stillness. It could easily be your house. It has a real sense of that toys-coming-to-life-when-you’re not- looking feeling which I still have sometimes. The YouTube link doesn’t do it justice – on the big screen it takes your breath away. The CGI is wonderful.”

Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner, Mr President


A history of Violence

“Cronenberg knows that violence is part of human nature. This Canadian film demonstrates what we secretly want but in public we denounce. How more passive aggressive can you get?”

Carl W. Jones, Creative Director, Hunt Health Publicidad


Burn After Reading 

“It’s based on this craziness in the characters, that I think we all have inside ourselves. But they let it all out, which is why it gets so messed up. The writing is brilliant and the way it all goes pear-shaped is epic.”

Bo Hellberg, Executive Creative Director at Brave, HeyHuman

The Secret Lives of Other

“I’ve been to Berlin a few times and wandered around imagining what life would be like under a dictatorship when 1 in 9 people living in East Berlin where informants. It gives you an interesting view into how society works under different conditions, it really captured the tension that people were under. It also reminds us why free information, data and exchange is really important. We’ve grown up with it and take it for granted, but if we don’t fight for it that privilege may not remain forever.”

Nicholas Roope, Executive Creative Director / Founder, POKE

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