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CS Sessions presents Production Social

‘Lifting the lid on amazing craft’ was the theme of this very first Production Social. An awesome line up of six inspirational makers each with infectious energy shared their stories. […]

Write up, #CSsessions Technology is evil

Inside the über trendy Shoreditch Studios where the exposed brickwork was laced with a 17 piece photography exhibition about ‘privacy,’ curated by Getty Images, CS Sessions took place to talk […]

#CSsessions Write Up, James Bridle

James kicked off #CSsessions with a solid argument that technology itself is not evil, it is a tool that can be used for good or bad depending on the hands […]


#CSsessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – Lucie Greene

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH Lucie Greene is Editor of LS:N Global, the forecasting division and trends network at The Future Laboratory, an internationally respected trend forecasting, […]

#CSessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – J. Paul Neeley

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH J. Paul Neeley is the Co-Founder & CEO of YossarianLives, a metaphorical search engine. He formed the company with Daniel Foster-Smith […]


#CSsessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – James Bridle

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH James Bridle is a writer, artist and publisher based in London. His work covers the intersections of technology and culture, with a […]


#CSsessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – Richard Banks

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH Over the next few weeks we’ll give you a little preview of what’s to come at our earthshatteringly exciting next #CSsessions: […]


#CSsessions – Technology is Evil. Is it negatively impacting our lives? 2nd Oct, 9.30am

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH Our next instalment of CS Sessions brings together another exciting group of speakers from the media world and beyond who will […]

Innovation Stories – Hamish Nicklin

I can never really remember his last name. He’s always just ‘Hamish from Google’ to me, nuff said. Yes, he works at Google, and that’s pretty frickin awesome. Is he […]

Innovation Stories – Charmaine Eggberry

At last week’s first ever Innovation Social we had the pleasure of meeting powerhouse Charmaine Eggberry – who not only has fantastic hair, but also told us the incredible story […]