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Mini Austin Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion consisted of four remarkable keynote speakers from SXSW Interactive and it served as an exciting platform for them to pick out their highlights from this year’s event. […]


Pick of the Week: Kenwood House, Hampstead.

I’ll admit it, sometimes I find art galleries stressful. I think it’s fantastic that more and more people are being attracted to the art on show in London. However, more often […]

trew era

Pick of the Week: A New Era at the Trew Era Cafe?

Comedian-come-political activist Russell Brand graced East London with his presence yesterday morning as he opened the Trew Era Cafe, situated on an East London council estate. Crowds of people massed […]


We should be Hit Makers

Please, before you continue reading this, have a browse of your Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes playlists. In fact, press PLAY and enjoy some of your favorite tracks while reading this […]

Advertising for Women: The good, the bad, and the WTF!

31st March 2015 19.00 – 21.00 Shoreditch House, London This event is open to Shoreditch house members only. We have a very limited number of guest list spots. If you […]

Pick of the Week: Graham Fink: Drawing with my Eyes

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes see things in the world around me. Just last week I was walking in the countryside and envisaged a tree as angry, […]


4 Musicians With Covetable Social Influence

In the age of digital downloads, online leaks and surprise albums from Beyonce, musicians have got to stay ahead of the social wave to keep up with the times. There […]


#CSinterviews Andres Colmenares, co-founder, Imperfect Future

Andres Colmenares is the co-founder of Imperfect Future, the company behind the first Internet Age Media Weekend, an event about the future of niche communication in Barcelona.   Where did […]


What’s your Favourite Restaurant?

Food is integral to the creative process. A happy stomach equals a happy mind. However, it’s not just brainpower that creatives can obtain from eating at their favourite restaurants, but […]

What’s Your Best Experience of the Last Decade?

Have you ever had that retrospective moment, when you look back at the last ten years of your life and attempt to pinpoint a favourite experience? If not, then do […]