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MXP Marcus Hane

Mr. President launch ‘Breaking the Triangle’

As festival season hits full swing, professional fence jumper and festival break-in merchant Marcus Haney today releases his latest film documenting one of his most ambitious stunts yet. Breaking into […]


Stories Make For Great Ads, Case Studies Don’t

The advertising year runs from June until May, because of the Cannes Festival of Creativity. Much has been written of late about whether the work at Cannes is representative of […]


Lines in the Sand: The “Integrated” Dilemma

Due to emerging digital innovations and the shift in consumers’ behaviours towards new technologies, brands are increasingly trying to find a better balance between traditional and digital marketing strategies. This […]


Cannes Workshop – from Good to Great

It was lovely to catch up with so many Socials and Friends last week at Cannes. While it is most definitely a time to catch up with old friends, network […]


The Dots Graphic Design Portfolio Masterclass at Pentagram

Trying to break into the competitive world of Graphic Design? Creative professional networking platform The Dots ( is hosting a Portfolio Masterclass at legendary design studio Pentagram, focusing on the […]


Contagious & Virgin launch Pitch to Rich! 2015

Calling all start ups, companies who are growing and people who simply have brilliant ideas that they want to turn into reality. Contagious has partnered with Virgin Media Business on […]


Protecting Your Business: Things Every Site Owner Must Know About the Risk of DDoS

Imagine you’re going to see a movie. You get there with plenty of time to spare and pull out your wallet only to be told you can’t see that movie. […]


#IAM2015: Let’s work together and make everything better.

< The power of creativity is magic and the world needs whatever you come up with. > < Chuck the rules of traditional stuff out the window. > < Web […]


The Dots Portfolio Masterclass Safari

Professional creative community The Dots ( is on a mission to connect the UK’s most talented emerging creatives, with the most iconic creative businesses. The Dots Portfolio Masterclass Safari – […]

Halbo Headshot (1)

Four post-production lessons we can learn from Interstellar

What can the world of creativity learn from the post-production lessons lurking in this action-packed story of the end of the world? Once there was a new world, beyond the […]