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#CSinterviews Vincent Meunier, Director of Digital and Marketing Analytics, The Absolut Company

How would you describe our job to an alien? My job is to drive the digital acceleration of The Absolut Company (TAC). I make sure that the organization articulates how […]


#CSinterviews Kat Gordon, Founder, The 3% Conference

Your name and title? Kat Gordon, Founder/CEO, The 3% Conference How would you describe The 3% Conference to an alien? You know how you feel weird and different here on […]


#CSinterviews Dustin Cohen

How did it all start, and how have you got to where you are today? Well, that’s a question! I’m going to do my best to keep this somewhat brief. […]

sony balls

What’s your best tv ad / viral video of the last decade?

The last decade has been hit by the cultural phenomenon of the viral video and TV advert. These contagious sensations have had the ability to storm the Internet like forest […]

Tom Wilson 1

#CSinterviews Tom Wilson

How would you describe your job to an alien? I take stories and try to tell them using a) words and b) a system of chronophotographic guns and zoopraxiscopial projections. […]


#CSinterviews Clubhouse

How did it all start, and how did you get to where you are today? We started working together straight out of college. We moved to the Dominican Republic for […]


UNIT9 x The Filmakademie = FIVE MINUTES

Our friends at UNIT9 have been at it again, and by ‘it’ we mean creating mind blowing storytelling experiences that push the boundaries of interactive film. This time they’ve teamed […]

#CSinterviews Daniel Schechter, Writer / Director @ Process Media

How did it all start, and how did you got to where you are today? It’s a big question. Filmmaking and directing is what I always wanted to do and […]


#csinterviews fellow Socials Edu Pou and Joakim Borgstrom

Just as we were getting ready to celebrate our ten year anniversary, it was lovely to see two of our longest serving Socials both being in the news with high […]


#CSinterviews Adina Popescu

How would you describe your job to an alien? I make films about them. Or about the alien within all of us, who knows.   How did it all start, […]