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10 socials share their favourite digital campaigns of the last decade #WeAre10

Subservient Chicken “Yes it was capricious nonsense. Yes it was transient and of the moment. But it was magical, then and brilliantly done.” George Prest, ECD, R/GA London   Cock-a-doodle […]

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Thanks for helping us hit 10 years #WeAre10

This month we celebrate 10 years of Creative Social which is really quite amazing. To be honest when Mark and myself founded it, we didn’t realise what it could become. […]


Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new and improved, nice and shiny, all singing and dancing Creative Social Blog. Think of it as your one stop shop for all things CS. It will […]



Excited is an understatement of how we’re feeling about the next Creative Social global event. #CStokyo will be taking place 17 – 19 April, as per usual we have about 40 […]


SXSW – Official CS Round Up

SXSW So SXSW was last month and hopefully those that did not make it have had some time to catch up. However if you haven’t I thought it would be […]


Creative Social – San Francisco #1 (New!)

  Dear Friends and Socials We would like to let you know that the CS crew from Autofuss and Unit9 are hosting a Creative Social get together in San Francisco […]


CS Presents… Märchenstunde 2013. Storytelling, what’s that all about?

Last week saw the first CS Presents of 2013, and what a cracker it turned out to be. The title ‘ Märchenstunde 2013. Storytelling, what’s that all about?’ was a pretty […]


CS Sessions – The Probes

After our first CS Sessions last year turned out pretty darn awesome (even if we say so ourselves), we decided to give it the follow-up it deserves. CS Sessions is […]


A prediction of the past. Time isn’t linear. It loops.

It was neither Einstein nor metaphysics that greeted the crowds at LBi on Brick Lane last night, but four great advertising minds ready to give us their thoughts on past […]


CS Presents: A Prediction Of The Past. Time Isn’t Linear. It Loops.

Time is a funny one. Inevitably, past, present and future are intertwined and influence each other. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one began and the other started. But it’s only […]