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CS Shares… Food (the report)

It’s the biggest cliché since the beginning of social media, but sharing is caring. So, Creative Social is doing a whole lot of it this spring and summer. We’re inviting […]


#IAM2015: Let’s work together and make everything better.

< The power of creativity is magic and the world needs whatever you come up with. > < Chuck the rules of traditional stuff out the window. > < Web […]


CS Presents… Reasons to be Cheerful – the report

Pineapples and cats Thea Hamren of Mr President is fairly convinced most reasons to be cheerful are related to cats on the internet, and who am I to disagree? Of […]


Young Minds Talk the Future of Advertising

We make our way through the dark and drizzly November afternoon, from the home of the School of Communication Arts 2.0 (SCA) inside the grandiose St Matthews Church, to a […]


CS Presents… What I Want For Christmas (write up)

The sexy jumpers, the George Michael on repeat, the mulled wine and random people wearing false white beards and red jumpers in the street: that’s right, it’s Christmas. We asked […]


Ten things we learned at Production Social – How did they do that?

Firstly, I’m writing down ten things because Creative Social is celebrating its full decade of existence, which is a stupendous thing. Secondly, I’m not a producer (I’m a writer, which […]