Only 1 week to go before we have our next installment of our sell out (as always), Creative Social Presents. We are looking at everything that’s turning our socials on, getting them hot under the collar and red faced. FUCK THAT’S GOOD. Joining us in the hot seat, we have a brilliant line up of:

  • Sanky, Co-Founder/ Creative Partner and Art Director, AllofUs
  • Patrick Collister, Founder, Creative Matters
  • Seb Royce, Executive Creative Director, Glue
  • Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner, Creative Digital Head, Adam and Eve
  • Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner & Innovation Director, Work Club

One thing you can be sure of with CS Presents is these guys will make you feel the passion. We will be hearing all about the power of the universe to storytelling to things that could really blow up?! We will even be put in the confession chair and told how NOT to behave.

The romance starts here baby.

We are stardust, billion year old carbon, can understanding the universe unlock ‘The Idea’?, Is there anyone here who can change the world? The world needs ideas and it needs them in a hurry. Now that technology means advertising can genuinely change behaviours, it may well be that there is someone who not only knows what we should be doing but also knows how to communicate it. Everything creative tells a story, we look at how the very best stories stay with us for life and our quest to find a new story for the audience.

And finally..

The business we are in seems to survive on, well, behaving badly and frankly, lying sometimes…The smoke and mirrors we seem to experience on a daily basis isn’t something to be proud of…so we intend to lift the lid on some things seen and heard that we wouldn’t have believed if someone hadn’t told us.

See you at the bar afterwards for a few beers thanks to our partners Source

We would also like to say a special thanks to our venue partners LBi for providing us with ‘The home of Creative Social Presents..’ a top notch venue for creative thinking.