People b**** and moan about how hard it is to get into the industry these days, how internships are unpaid, how you have to make tea all day, brownnose and kiss hundreds of butts before you get offered a job. Fair play, but those haters probably never stop and think about the innumerable possibilities modern technology offers us today compared to 50, 20, hell even only 10 years ago!

It’s easier than ever to make your mark on the world, to get people to notice you and make crazy sh**. The world is only a few mouse clicks away and anything is possible.

For this CS presents, three industry giants will be waxing lyrical about why they would bloody love to be starting out today.


Patrick Collister, Founder, Creative Matters

Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, BBH London

Steve Henry, Founder, HHCL & Decoded

And to give you a little taster, we asked the mighty threesome for a snippet of what they’ve got in store for us on the night:

“What are you going to do at work today?

Write an ad? Create an app? Create an experience?

Devise a show? Design a game? Shoot a viral?

Do something ambient? Make the news? Tweet? Poke? Like and be liked?

And you wonder why I think you’re lucky?”

Patrick Collister

“When I came into the business as a creative, being young wasn’t an advantage, today because of technology it is.”

Sir John Hegarty

“ 95% of the people in advertising are miserable as sin, and they need something different to cheer them up. I would focus on creativity, because that’s the commodity in shortest supply right now. I would use digital technology to replace research. I wouldn’t take anything too seriously.”

– Steve Henry (who will be giving us advice on starting up a new agency today)

Right, and as if that wasn’t enough, there’ll be FREE DRINKS courtesy of Source at the event. Word!

Source is all about Connected People, Connecting People – and Creative Social is the perfect platform for people to network whilst benefiting from leading industry knowledge – and how better make conversation flow than to provide a free bar… Thanks for the support guys. (see what they are saying about our fab event)

We’d also like to extend a special thanks to our venue partners LBi for providing us with a top-notch base for our creative thinking. Their fabulous basement space has become the home of Creative Social Presents and that’s making us feel all warm inside.

Unfortunately we’re all sold out now, but all seekers of creative enlightenment should check back here for a full report and lessons learned after the event – Don’t miss out on a good dose of wisdom!