We all loved the Fun Theory experiments by VW. But what I missed totally was the activity attached to the experiment ie “The Fun Theory Award” whereby the general public was challenged to suggest fun ideas which would either improve traffic safety or benefit the environment.

A total of 700 projects were submitted and VW are now bringing the winning idea (see above) to life. They have collaborated with the National Society for Road Safety (NTF) in Sweden and launched the test of a road safety project in Stockholm which aims to improve both the environment and traffic safety.

Instead of using a speed camera to detect and fine speeders, a speed camera will register drivers who keep the legal speed limit and give them the chance to win a cash prize of SEK 20,000. With the project, NTF and Volkswagen hope to encourage drivers to slow down the pace of vehicle traffic in Stockholm.

For anyone who has read Nudge, this is exactly the type of positive action is far more likely to lead to a change in people’s behaviour and I love the fact that what was initially an advertising campaign, has turned into a real positive for change activity. Would be good to see more brands in the future being good like this. Very very clever. VW I applaud you.