A Guest round-up of the CyberLions

Okay. Given that I have still not had time to digest and put together my thoughts combined with those of the Socials, thought I would post a nice little summary that found its way into my inbox from an ex student from Hyper Island– Rudhraigh McGrath, who is now associate creative director at m ssn g p eces in Brooklyn. Anyway here are his thoughts on the keyCyberlions winners:


Pay with a Tweet – An overview from Leif on Vimeo.

Pay with a tweet – Really great concept from the CD’s at RGA, well, great if you can afford to give away your product for free as a marketing stunt in an apparently successful attempt to cynically get a Cannes Grand Prix. JUST SAYIN’.

Old Spice Responses – We’ve all seen this, we all love this, it’ll be interesting to see how many failed attempts we’ll have to stomach as people try to soullessly replicate this kind of well-written character based campaign, or the quirky breezy type of interaction it’s based on. It also shows that celebrities will respond to anything if it reminds everyone that they’re celebrities.

The making of the Wilderness Downtown. from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

Wilderness Downtown – Also seen by us all, amazing amazing amazing. Did I mention amazing?


Sneakerpedia for Locker Room – Really clever way of getting sneakerphiles to show off their stuff and also reinforce brand loyalty to Locker Room. I wonder what kind of longevity it has and whether they’ve thought about what they’re gonna do with the community once they have it.

Uniqlo Lucky Line – More awesomely awesome, conceptually intense, brilliantly executed stuff from Uniqlo. It seems that these guys have a real line on how to blur the line between a marketing campaign with a functional thing that their customers enjoy. Lucky Clock, Lucky Switch and Lucky Line all have this element to them, people want to use them and at the same time experience them.

The Edding Wall of Fame – A really nice, fun to play with drawing experience that had social elements to it while not being too overpowering. Although I found it a little confusing.

Chrome Fast – The Google Creative Labs are really pushing themselves to create this “Idea Factory” concept, and it’s working.

Renault 360 – A nice combination of 360 degree interactivity and Ipad functionality, but I’m not sure why that earns it a Gold.

Prius Plural – I watched it twice. The song is now stuck in my head.

Heineken Starplayer – Interesting use of gamification, you’re definitely going to see more of this kind of thing when they can produce a prize that people are willing to actually work together for.

Mini Getaway Stockholm – This type of real world game is something I would love to see more of, I think that as more people realise that they can set these kinds of games up themselves amongst their friend groups, there’ll be more impact. It makes me wonder how long it will be before one of the bigger console companies like Nintendo or Playstation start looking into it.

The Nike World Cup ad – Only Nike could do this, I still get goosebumps watching it and I don’t even like football.

Skittles Cat – We all put our finger there, we all thought the catman looked like Zach Galfinakis.

The Force Volkswagen, – Again, we’ve all seen it, but im putting it up cause watching it makes me happy and it’s evidence that as a format, traditional viral video is here to stay.

Life in a day – Ridley Scott embraces the internet with an amazing concept for a mass-produced video. I’m interested to know if crowd sourcing your movie is something that’s going to further empower the editors of the world to make their own films.


Dream Recommender – Bizarre idea for an app with really nicely presented videos that will, quite ironically, give me nightmares.

Monet – Smooth and amazingly executed and a real exercise in subtle artistic branding.

Google Demo Slam – This was an awesome idea, but I never really understand why it was curated content rather than sourced through the Google network from actual people. In my minds Google just came off as yet again, being too controlling, like they’re scared of participating properly in social media.

Rainbow Warrior – An online auction to fund the new Rainbow warrior site, really nicely executed, but I wonder if it’ll be successful as the majority of this generation of kids don’t know about any of those events. I think Greenpeace really need to do a brand campaign that focuses specifically on social media, telling kids who they are and what they do.

We Are Tennis: I think this is a pretty interesting attempt to create a social network for a particular interest, but I wonder if people don’t just want to watch Tennis.

Attraction Anti Smoking – There literally aren’t words enough for how much I love this, an interactive anti-smoking anime directed by the guy who did the Animatrix? Did they have a picture of me up in the concept development sessions? The interactive sections are simplistic and make you look like a bit of an idiot, but they’re fun. It was so much fun I just had to go have a cigarette to think about how much fun it was.

Nike Football Team Edition: This is a Nike Ipad app which while looking good, I’m not sure how well it’s going to mobilise their target market of kids due to it’s total focus on Ipads.

Red Bull Street Art – We all know this, it’s awesome even if it is slow as hell.

Super Mega Rainbow Updater – This is an awesome campaign for Skittles that shows you how much you can do with a quirky video, a solid concept and the boredom of the internet, as if Old Spice hadn’t taught us that already,

Anyone up for giving their verdicts on the Bronze winners. Irrespective a big thanks to Rudhraigh McGrath (@rudhraigh) for letting us share his thoughts here. And if anyone else has any thoughts they think will be suitable for the blog, do get in contact.

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